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About the Cayo Region of Belize

You won't be ready to leave Cayo. This area is extremely rich and diverse, both culturally and in terms of the the best things to do in Belize. Here, you'll find a unique mix of Mestizos, Mayans, Mennonites and more! Also, get ready for some of the most authentic Belizean dishes around.

When it comes to things to do in Cayo, you probably won't be able to make it halfway down your list. The mountainous region is filled with caves, rivers, jungle and ruins. The ATM Cave is definitely a highlight and Cave Tubing is definitely one of the more popular activities in the area. There are incredible Mayan Ruins to be seen or you can spot wildlife and jump from waterfalls as you make your way up the Macal River on a large pontoon boat. For more details on Cayo checkou this great guide.

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